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Group Fuck is a teaser from the episode and photo set called “Rainbow Party”. These teens are having the time of their lives being away from their restrictive families so they take total control and do anything and everything they want. First on their list is a rainbow party where the chicks put on different colors of lipstick and take turns sucking on a single cock until the lucky bastard’s dick is covered in different shades. Well the girls at this dorm are wilder than your average, they even get into a threesome while being watched by other dudes in their residence hall.



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Three Way Fuck is part of the amateur video clip called “Ice Cube Party”. A blonde and a brunette are roommates at this residence hall and they are horny as can be. The pair of hot college chicks invited a guy over and showed him their moves. These babes were making out like naughty lipstick lesbians and putting on a good show for the guy. Soon they are working on his cock good and they even use ice cubes to heighten the sensations. If you have never tried bringing ice cubes to the bedroom, let these babes show you how.



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These lesbians are three college babes who get themselves into a sticky situation in “Strip Poke Her”. Some chicks like to try new things while others, like these three, love the classics. This episode shows us what happens when three lovely ladies fresh off their teens get curious and play a game of strip poker. Get ready to feast your eyes on tits and pussies and exchange of body fluids as these chicks go all out with each other. Now you know what goes on inside dorm rooms these days. Watch the rest of the steamy fun right here.

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These amateur girls get down and really dirty for the episode called “Never Have I Ever”. The game of “never have I ever” has been around for decades. But you probably have never seen this game get this far. Girls make out with each other, get into a threesome and then some more crazy stuff happens. Horny cunts getting wet, perky tits bouncing and pussies filled and pounded hard. It’s another wild night at this dorm. Well, after this episode, they will have done pretty much everything and they might need to find another new, more exciting game soon.



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College Hotties have come up with a new game called “Blow Pop Strip”. In this episode you will get to learn how this exciting and clever party game is played. Basically, everyone at the party pops a balloon and does what the message inside says. The game starts pretty slow with standard stuff like dancing but when a college hottie gets “give a blowjob” and corners a freshman, well, things get pretty hot, to say the least. All of a sudden the other babes get dick crazy and the whole party gets rowdy and horny.

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Horny College Girls “Mark Her Madness” is another featured party starring amateur college babes going wild. These three girls are roomies and bestfriends, and while their boyfriends are away, they get really horny and have their own marker party. But instead of writing on people who pass out from too much booze, these chick write on each other after getting naked and having a good deal of licking and sucking. And just when you thought it was just another lesbian threeway, a dick stands in attention and joins them. Don’t you just wish that was you right there?

Bunk Beds


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Hot Girls play a classic game called “Two Truths, One Lie”. A pair of hot college girls invite two young men into their dorm room and they play a game. It began as a typical day hanging out and playing games but when one of the chicks got stuck by lust, she decides to suck on the dick of one of the guys. Soon two pairs of bodies can be seen slamming on each other right there on the bunk bed. Hot girls deserve nothing less than hard core action. Watch these babes rock those college dicks like pros.

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Horny College Girls is part of the amateur episode called “Stylish Merkin”. Four young college hotties are showing off their sexy bikinis and their merks to each other. One of them begins noticing that her sweet little cunt is getting a lot of attention from one of the other girls and opens up that she has never tried having sex with another woman. Like music to their ears, the three ladies show her the way and they have lots of fun touching, kissing and making each other cum. Something tells us they will be doing this more often.



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Cute Brunettes show us their special ways in “Wild Times”. These cute ladies are known to be the hottest brunettes on campus and apparently, they have big hearts too. See, these campus crushes found out that one of their male classmates recently got dumped so they invited him over to cheer him up. The brunette gals tried their best to help the guy get over his ex and quick. Well, a threesome is the best way to go of course! They tease him good before letting him pound them both back and forth. He will probably not think about his ex anymore after that.



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Rosie is the star of the episode “Party Time”. It is kind of sad to not be able to celebrate your birthday because you have to be in school. Well, in this episode, Rosie’s thoughtful friends threw her a surprise party at the dorm, complete with food, guests and presents. And just when you think the birthday girl could not be any happier, she gets her wish granted from her boyfriend. He was apprehensive at first but since it was her birthday, he had to give in. The couple fucked away right in front of everyone, which got the party really started.